In the Frosty White

Vincent Munier

: 16 januari t/m 7 februari 2018
: 27 februari t/m 21 maart 2018
: Keulen DE
foto: © Vincent Munier - poolwolf
foto: © Vincent Munier

In the most extreme conditions, and mostly completely alone, French photographer Vincent Munier travels the Arctic and Antarctic. For several hundred kilometers he wanders through the snow-swept and barren landscapes of the Arctic Circle to meet their inhabitants at close range. He has made numerous expeditions to the White Wolves, to the "Spirits of the Tundra", as the Inuit call them, which particularly captivate him.
The in focus gallery - B. Arnold now presents a spectacular selection of his pictures designed in incomparable aesthetics. The visitor is invited to discover the rough world of these icy expanses, to get to know the animals living here and to perceive the fragility of this world.

Vincent Munier (born 1976) has specialized in animal and landscape photography since early youth. His reportages were written on many trips around the globe. He has published numerous books - including in 2008 at Knesebeck "Kamchatka - Unspoiled Wilderness" or 2016 "In the Frosty White". He was the only photographer to receive the Eric Hosking Award of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year three times in a row. His works have been shown in many exhibitions worldwide.


Saturday, January 13th 2018 from 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm. Vincent Munier signs his new book "Im Eisigen Weiss".

foto: © Vincent Munier - Keizerspinguïn
foto: © Vincent Munier


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