Scanning Delfshaven

Florian Braakman, Olivier van Breugel, Verena Blok, Ana Opalić, Bojan Mrđenović en Borko Vukosav

: 12 januari t/m 1 februari 2018
: Rotterdam NL
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Scanning Delfshaven is een internationale samenwerking tussen Nederlandse en Kroatische fotografen en is super snelle samenwerking waarin in slechts 6 dagen 6 kunstenaars een onderzoek en analyse uitvoeren en een presentatie creëren rondom de wijk Delfshaven. Het project wordt georganiseerd in samenwerking met Organ Vida, fotografie festival.

Scanning Delfshaven is an international collaboration between Dutch and Croatian photographers and a research and analyses on the Delfshaven neighbourhood and is organised in collaboration with Organ Vida, a photography festival in Croatia.

Borko Vukosav was born in 1984 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. He has a masters degree in Photography at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. He is a member of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists Dubrovnik (HDLU). His works have been exhibited in Croatia and internationally at numerous galleries, and festivals such as FORMAT festival in UK and Backlight Festival in Finland. With his series “Lakes“ he was awarded on THT@MSU Award for Croatian Contemporary Photography and series was redeemed for museum collection. With his series ”P” in 2012. he presented Croatia at “NEU/NOW“ in Portugal and 2011. at “15. Biennale de la Mediterranée“ u Thessaloniki.
Lives in Zagreb, works worldwide, mountaineering around.

Ana Opalić was born in 1972, in Dubrovnik. She graduated in TV and film cinematography from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. She is the founder of the web portal Contemporary Croatian Photography / She directed a documentary film “Once Again”, 2014 (together with Noah Pintarić), and was the cinematographer of a documentary film “Family Meals” (dir. Dana Budisavljević). In 2003, she represented Croatia at the 50th Venice Biennale (together with Boris Cvjetanović). In 2008, she won the second prize at the T-HT competition. Her photographs and videos are in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Dubrovnik Art Gallery, Art Gallery in Split and in several private collections. She works in photography and video.

Bojan Mrđenović was born in 1987, in Virovitica. In 2011, he graduated in Art History and Information Sciences from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. In 2012, he graduated in Cinematography from the Academy of Dramatic Art, Zagreb. He exhibited in Croatia and internationaly. He’s a member of the Croatian Association of Artists and the Croatian Society of Film Workers.

Florian Braakman is a documentary photographer who's works exits of photographic series. Through a personal relationship with the subject he addresses universal, social and cultural themes. He uses photography as a way to make contact with people, to question the world and gain a grip on our fast paced everyday ‘reality’. He uses photographs as a string of images and likes to combine several series together in publications and installations. He is currently  working on the project 'Delfshaven's Finest' about his neighbourhood in Rotterdam. He graduated in 2013 from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague with the project 'She Comes in Colors' which became a book. He was born in 1988 in Velp, the Netherlands, currently lives in Rotterdam, and works world wide.

Verena Blok is a documentary photographer who focuses on narrative storytelling through personal histories. She uses her practice as a way of embodying the voice of an individual embedded in a cultural heritage. She is intrigued by the way social and cultural relations influence one’s life in a family and community, and form at times paradoxical, tragic and humorous situations. The encounter with her subject is the core and the fuel for her work. With her photography and moving image installations she attempts to shed light on inner life and everyday “reality”.

Olivier van Breugel received his Bachelors Degree in Photography at AKV | Sint Joost, Breda. During his studies he went on a six month erasmus exchange at the Kunsthøgskolen in Bergen (KHiB), Norway. During this exchange, and the internship at street photographer Nick Turpin that followed, Olivier developed his interest for the everyday he found on the streets of Bergen and London. Recently, he has focussed his camera on the small and easily overlooked details of Amsterdam.


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